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Thumb Nail
Listing Title: Linked to closeout details of all items
Description: Inquire if can reordered from factory. This is a sample only.
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IOWA CLOSEOUTS are samples left behind in USA from years-past trade shows which we no longer attend. Factory re orders from China are possible for many of the items. Some are no longer available at any price. Ships from Zipcode 50401.

Tibet Bead Bags Lot close1544: Tibet Bead Bags Lot | Shells DETAILS .JPG
Unique Items: 2, Total Count: 2pcs
INCLUDES: bgbd001-b, bgbd002-b
close1544 $25.36 1 pound, 4 oz.
Tibet Bead Bag Belt Lot close1545: Tibet Bead Bags Belt Lot | Shells DETAILS .JPG
Unique Items: 3, Total Count: 3pcs
INCLUDES: bgbd003-b, bgbd004-b, clbt001
close1545 $33.29 1 pound 8 oz.
Silk Scarf Lot close1547: Silk Scarf Lot DETAILS .JPG
Unique Items: 6, Total Count: 6 pcs
INCLUDES: clsf003-1A, clsf003-1F, clsf003-3A, clsf003-3D, clsf003-3E, clsf004-15 (Actual photo this item only not available. Pattern may be different than example shown)
close1547 SOLD 1 pound 6 oz.
Ethnic Wool Pillow Case Lot close1548: Wool Pillow Cases Lot | Tibet Ethnic DETAILS .JPG
Unique Items: 2, Total Count: 4 pcs
INCLUDES: depc002, depc003
close1548 $23.96 5 pound 2 oz.
Red Silk Table Cloth Lot close1549: Red Silk Table Cloth Lot | Red 2pcs
close1549 SOLD 4 pound 1 oz. 46" x 46"

Inquire for current reorder prices. Closeouts are pre-packed assortments ready for immediate shipment and cannot be cherry picked. We have no office or staff in the States to accomodate this. All our closeouts are one-of-a-kind with no multiples available.


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