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Cyber Fraud:
The cyber savvy are familiar with the term, phishing. For the newbie, it is the on-line act of tricking someone into giving them confidential information or getting them to do something that they normally wouldn't or shouldn't do. Typically it is for credit card information.

Cyber Import Imposters
Success seems to make a company a target by default. Cyber Import is not immune. Some phishers identify themselves as our representatives, websites mirror our product images, our pages plagerized as their own. A few are former staff, fired for theft.

Targets can be customers both old and new. Their quotations may have appeal, initial shipments might even get delivered. Choose your trading partner with care.

Phishing Clue:
Customer email from Cyber Import is only answered through our private domain with the "sales@" handle:


Phishers can reference and link to our catalog easily. They even use our stock numbers. However, your clue for this trap is that their email will usually come from public domains such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail,,, etc. Our name is often used within the address, as example:


Again, legitimate email only comes from the "sales@" handle within our own company. For max security, do not even send info to an address such as this:



Trade Warning:
"Beware of China export imposters."

Cyber Import Pretenders

Phishers often sell brand knock-offs. They are counterfeit, unlicensed goods, and cheap in both price and quality. Knock-offs flourish in China. Many unethical businessmen do a brisk trade in these types of exports. It is not our line of business, even though we receive inquiries daily.

News is full of negativity about phishers, rampant copyright violations, poor quality goods, product recalls, and corruption. At the same time, the Internet levels the playing field. It allows the small importer unprecedented opportunity. All that's needed is a reliable trading partner.

We believe that in addition to quality control and thin profit margins, the biggest contribution to our rapid growth has been our integrity. This is the business model that Cyber Import will always follow.

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