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Thumb Nail
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Description: Minimum Quantities are flexible with each factory, the dollar value of total order, and the range of products ordered. Please inquire about your needs.
Order # China Factory US$ Cost: MOQ: Minimum Qty Weight: Gram Size: Inch

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OUR ONLINE CATALOG and this plastic bead page serve as a cross-section of our China exports. Greater variety is available. Email us a photo example of what you seek. Export prices often change. All are re confirmed after your inquiry. You will be emailed a pro-forma invoice offer.

Plastic Bead bdpc074: Bead Plastic Leaf 0.5kg
bdpc074 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc073: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc073 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc072: Bead Plastic Leaf 0.5kg
bdpc072 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc071: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc071 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc070: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc070 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc069: Bead Plastic Leaf 1750pcs/0.5kg
bdpc069 $3.25 5kg 1.7x1.3cm
Plastic Bead bdpc068: Bead Plastic Flower 1400pcs/0.5kg
bdpc068 $3.25 5kg Dia: 1.7cm
Plastic Bead bdpc067: Bead Plastic Flower 1030pcs/0.5kg
Color Card
bdpc067 $3.25 5kg Dia: 1.5cm
Plastic Bead bdpc066: Bead Plastic Flower 1800pcs/0.5kg
bdpc066 $3.25 5kg Dia: 1.2cm
Plastic Bead bdpc065: Bead Plastic Leaf 1000pcs/0.5kg
bdpc065 $3.25 5kg 2.4x1.1cm
Plastic Bead bdpc064: Bead Plastic Leaf 610pcs/0.5kg
bdpc064 $3.25 5kg 4x1.5cm
Plastic Bead bdpc063: Bead Plastic Leaf 920pcs/0.5kg
bdpc063 $3.25 5kg 2.1x2cm
Plastic Bead bdpc062: Bead Plastic Leaf 480pcs/0.5kg
bdpc062 $3.25 5kg 2.9x2.5cm
Plastic Bead bdpc061: Bead Plastic Leaf 600pcs/0.5kg
bdpc061 $3.25 5kg 2.6x2.5cm
Plastic Bead bdpc060: Bead Plastic Flower 650pcs/0.5kg
bdpc060 $3.25 5kg Dia: 2.8cm
Plastic Bead bdpc059: Bead Plastic Leaf 540pcs/0.5kg
bdpc059 $3.25 5kg 3.6x2.6cm
Plastic Bead bdpc058: Bead Plastic Leaf 830pcs/0.5kg
bdpc058 $3.25 5kg 3x2.6cm
Plastic Bead bdpc057: Bead Plastic Leaf 410pcs/0.5kg
bdpc057 $3.25 5kg 2.5x3.5cm
Plastic Bead bdpc056: Bead Plastic Leaf 410pcs/0.5kg
bdpc056 $3.25 5kg 1.8x3.7cm
Plastic Bead bdpc055: Bead Plastic Leaf 3800pcs/0.5kg
bdpc055 $3.25 5kg 1.35x0.9cm
Plastic Bead bdpc054: Bead Plastic Leaf 1700pcs/0.5kg
bdpc054 $3.25 5kg 2x1.1cm
Plastic Bead bdpc053: Bead Plastic Leaf 1500pcs/0.5kg
bdpc053 $3.25 5kg 3x1.1cm
Plastic Bead bdpc052: Bead Plastic Leaf 750pcs/0.5kg
bdpc052 $3.25 5kg 2.4x2.4cm
Plastic Bead bdpc051: Bead Plastic Leaf 375pcs/0.5kg
bdpc051 $3.25 5kg 3.5x3.3cm
Plastic Bead bdpc050: Bead Plastic Flower 193pcs/0.5kg
bdpc050 $3.25 5kg Dia: 3.9cm
Plastic Bead bdpc049: Bead Plastic Leaf 340pcs/0.5kg
bdpc049 $3.25 5kg 2.6x1.5cm
Plastic Bead bdpc048: Bead Plastic Flower 400pcs/0.5kg
bdpc048 $3.25 5kg Dia: 2.5cm
Plastic Bead bdpc047: Bead Plastic Flower 1400pcs/0.5kg
bdpc047 $3.25 5kg Dia: 1.7cm
Plastic Bead bdpc046: Bead Plastic Flower 470pcs/0.5kg
bdpc046 $3.25 5kg Dia: 2.9cm
Plastic Bead bdpc045: Bead Plastic Leaf 690pcs/0.5kg
bdpc045 $3.25 5kg 2.5x2.5cm
Plastic Bead bdpc044: Bead Plastic Black Flower 1kg
bdpc044 $7.59 5kg 5mm
Plastic Bead bdpc043: Bead Plastic Two-Tone Crinkle 1kg
bdpc043 $13.72 5kg 6x2mm
Plastic Bead bdpc042: Bead Plastic Blue Sparkle 1kg
bdpc042 $11.20 5kg 5x1mm
Plastic Bead bdpc041: Bead Plastic Round Crinkle 1kg
bdpc041 $7.59 5kg 18mm
Plastic Bead bdpc040: Bead Plastic Cylinder Faceted Black 1kg
bdpc040 $3.25 5kg 6x3mm
Plastic Bead bdpc039: Bead Plastic Round Crinkle 1kg
bdpc039 $7.59 5kg 12mm
Plastic Bead bdpc038: Bead Plastic Orange Green 1kg
bdpc038 $10.48 5kg 6x5x1mm
Plastic Bead bdpc037: Bead Plastic Cylinder Blue Silver 1kg
bdpc037 $7.23 5kg 11x5mm
Plastic Bead bdpc036: Bead Plastic Round Blue 1kg
Packing: 800pc/Bag
bdpc036 $6.87 $5.91 5kg 1 10mm
Plastic Bead bdpc026: Bead Plastic Pink 1800pc/Bag
Packing: 1800pc/Plastic Bag/0.5kg
bdpc026 $2.71 5kg/18000pcs/Color 8x6mm
Plastic Bead bdpc031: Bead Plastic Yellow 100pc
Packing: 1500pc/Plastic Bag/0.5kg
bdpc031 $0.22 75000pc/color/style 8mm
Plastic Bead bdpc032: Bead Plastic Flower 100pc
Packing: 1500pc/Plastic Bag/0.5kg
bdpc032 $0.22 75000pc/color/style 8mm
Plastic Bead bdpc033: Bead Plastic 100pc
Packing: 4000pc/Plastic Bag/0.5kg
bdpc033 $0.09 400000pc/color/style 8mm
Plastic Bead bdpc034: Bead Hard Plastic 1 Strand
About 117pc Bead/Srand
Bead: 13mm, Length: 140cm, $0.29/Strand, About 85pc Bead/Srand
Packing: 1200Strand/CTN
bdpc034 $0.26 5000Strand/Color Bead: 10mm, Length: 140cm
Bead Plastic bdac024: Bead Plastic 500g
Packing: 106pc/Plastic Bag/0.5kg
bdac024 $2.17 530pc 6.2cm
Bead Plastic bdac025: Bead Plastic Flower 500g
Packing: 106pc/Plastic Bag/0.5kg
bdac025 $2.17 530pc 6.2cm
Bead Plastic bdac026: Bead Plastic Leaf in Two Colors 500g
Packing: 106pc/Plastic Bag/0.5kg
Single Color: USD2.14/500g
bdac026 $2.17 530pc 6.2cm
Bead Plastic bdac027: Bead Plastic Red Star 500g
Packing: 106pc/Plastic Bag/0.5kg
bdac027 $2.17 530pc 6.2cm
Bead Plastic bdac028: Bead Plastic Flower 1 Bag A
Packing: 1000pc/Plastic Bag
B: $1.36 /bag /Bag, C: $3.25 /bag
bdac028 $2.17 10Bag/Color A: 2.5cm, B: 2cm, C: 3cm
Plastic  Bead bdpc136: Bead Plastic Flower About 1000pcs/1kg
Six Petals
bdpc136 $6.89 50kgs/color
Plastic  Bead bdpc135: Bead Plastic Leaf About 1000pcs/1kg
bdpc135 $6.89 50kgs/color
Plastic  Bead bdpc134: Bead Plastic Leaf About 1000pcs/1kg
bdpc134 $6.89 50kgs/color
Plastic  Bead bdpc133: Bead Plastic Rose 600pcs/1kg
bdpc133 $6.89 50kgs/color
Plastic  Bead bdpc132: Bead Plastic Leaf 600pcs/1kg
bdpc132 $6.89 50kgs/color
Plastic  Bead bdpc131: Bead Plastic Flower 2800pcs/1kg
Five Petals
bdpc131 $6.89 50kgs/color
Plastic  Bead bdpc130: Bead Plastic Leaf 3000pcs/1kg
bdpc130 $6.89 50kgs/color
Plastic  Bead bdpc129: Bead Plastic Leaf 3000pcs/1kg
bdpc129 $6.89 50kgs/color
Plastic  Bead bdpc128: Bead Plastic Leaf 1800pcs/1kg
bdpc128 $6.89 50kgs/color
Plastic  Bead bdpc127: Bead Plastic Flower Ploished White 1500pcs/1kg
Five Petals
bdpc127 $7.65 50kgs/color
Plastic  Bead bdpc126: Bead Plastic Floral Transparent Faceted 0.5kg
Color Samples
bdpc126 $2.17 5kg/style/color 6.2cm
Plastic  Bead bdpc113: Bead Plastic Rose Frosted White 620pc/0.5kg
bdpc113 $3.87 5kg
Plastic  Bead bdpc112: Bead Plastic Flower Frosted White 170pc/0.5kg
Five petals
bdpc112 $3.87 5kg
Plastic  Bead bdpc111: Bead Plastic Leaf Frosted White 485pc/0.5kg
bdpc111 $3.87 5kg
Plastic  Bead bdpc110: Bead Plastic Maple Leaf Frosted White 2500pc/0.5kg
bdpc110 $3.87 5kg
Plastic  Bead bdpc109: Bead Plastic Flower Frosted White 1800pc/0.5kg
Five petals
bdpc109 $3.87 5kg
Plastic  Bead bdpc108: Bead Plastic Rose Frosted White 620pc/0.5kg
bdpc108 $3.87 5kg
Plastic  Bead bdpc107: Bead Plastic Flower Frosted White 170pc/0.5kg
Five petals
bdpc107 $3.87 5kg
Plastic  Bead bdpc106: Bead Plastic Flower Frosted White 1800pc/0.5kg
Five petals
bdpc106 $3.87 5kg
Pkastic Bead bdpc105: Bead Plastic Flower 730pcs/0.5kg
bdpc105 $3.87 10kg
Pkastic Bead bdpc104: Bead Plastic Flower 340pcs/0.5kg
bdpc104 $3.87 10kg
Pkastic Bead bdpc103: Bead Plastic Flower 600pcs/0.5kg
bdpc103 $4.08 10kg
Plastic Bead bdpc102: Bead Plastic Leaf 525pcs/0.5kg
bdpc102 $5.69 5kg 3.7x2.8cm
Plastic Bead bdpc101: Bead Plastic Flower 860pcs/0.5kg
bdpc101 $5.69 5kg Dia: 2.6cm
Plastic Bead bdpc100: Bead Plastic Flower 1800pcs/0.5kg
bdpc100 $3.68 5kg Inner Dia: 0.6cm
Out Dia: 1.3cm
Plastic Bead bdpc099: Bead Plastic Flower 600pcs/0.5kg
bdpc099 $3.06 5kg 2x1cm
Plastic Bead bdpc098: Bead Plastic Flower 675pcs/0.5kg
bdpc098 $3.68 5kg Dia: 2.3cm
Plastic Bead bdpc097: Bead Plastic Flower 540pcs/0.5kg
bdpc097 $3.68 5kg Dia: 3.7cm
Plastic Bead bdpc096: Bead Plastic Leaf 1700pcs/0.5kg
bdpc096 $5.69 5kg 2x1.2cm
Plastic Bead bdpc095: Bead Plastic Flower 1400pcs/0.5kg
bdpc095 $3.06 5kg 1x0.8cm
Plastic Bead bdpc094: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc094 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc093: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc093 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc092: Bead Plastic 0.5kg
bdpc092 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc091: Bead Plastic 0.5kg
bdpc091 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc090: Bead Plastic 0.5kg
bdpc090 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc089: Bead Plastic Leaf 0.5kg
bdpc089 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc088: Bead Plastic Leaf 0.5kg
bdpc088 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc087: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc087 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc086: Bead Plastic Leaf 0.5kg
bdpc086 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc085: Bead Plastic Leaf 0.5kg
bdpc085 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc084: Bead Plastic 0.5kg
bdpc084 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc083: Bead Plastic Leaf 0.5kg
bdpc083 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc082: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc082 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc081: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc081 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc080: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc080 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc079: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc079 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc078: Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc078 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc077 : Bead Plastic Flower 0.5kg
bdpc077 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc076: Bead Plastic Leaf 0.5kg
bdpc076 $3.25 5kg
Plastic Bead bdpc075: Bead Plastic Leaf 0.5kg
bdpc075 $3.25 5kg

China Factory Minimum Quantity of these plastic bead items can be negotiated with factories. Dollar Amount is often more important to smaller factories than the quantity of each piece. Minimum quantity often can be divided among several plastic bead or stock numbers. Please inquire with us about your specific needs for smaller quantities than those listed. Smaller quantity can result in a bit higher price. Ask us for a quote.

Custom Orders are possible with any of our plastic bead products. Send us a .jpg example of what you want. If we don't have it, we can get it.

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