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Thumb Nail
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Description: Minimum Quantities are flexible with each factory, the dollar value of total order, and the range of products ordered. Please inquire about your needs.
Order # China Factory US$ Cost: MOQ: Minimum Qty Weight: Gram Size: Inch

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OUR ONLINE CATALOG and this agate bead page serve as a cross-section of our China exports. Greater variety is available. Email us a photo example of what you seek. Export prices often change. All are re confirmed after your inquiry. You will be emailed a pro-forma invoice offer.

Agate Bead bdag154: Bead India Agate 1 Strand / 50 bead
bdag154 US$1.68 /strand MOQ: 50 strand
Agate Bead bdag153: Bead Agate 1 strand
bdag153 US$5.87 /strand MOQ: 100 strand 40cm
Agate Bead bdag152: Bead Agate Dyed Pink 1pc
11mm: USD0.13/pc, 12mm: USD0.14/pc, 13mm: USD0.17/pc
14mm: USD0.18/pc, 15mm: USD0.22/pc, 16mm: USD0.26/pc
17mm: USD0.30/pc, 18mm: USD0.38/pc, 19mm: USD0.58/pc
bdag152 $0.10 3000pcs/color/size 9mm, 10mm
Agate Bead bdag151: Bead Agate Dyed Green 1pc
11mm: USD0.18/pc, 12mm: USD0.20/pc, 13mm: USD0.24/pc
14mm: USD0.25/pc, 15mm: USD0.29/pc, 16mm: USD0.34/pc
17mm: USD0.39/pc, 18mm: USD0.40/pc, 19mm: USD0.41/pc
bdag151 $0.14 3000pcs/color/size 9mm, 10mm
Agate Bead bdag150: Bead Black Agate Carve Silver Dragon 1 Strand
bdag150 $15.76 20 Length: 40cm, Bead: 10mm
Agate Bead bdag149: Bead Black Agate Carve Gold Dragon 1 Strand
bdag149 $15.76 20 Length: 40cm, Bead: 10mm
Agate Bead bdag148: Bead Agate Brown 1pc
bdag148 $0.40 500pcs Length: 40mm
Agate Bead bdag147: Bead Agate Brown Stripe Natural 1pc
bdag147 $0.07 3400 Bead Diameter: 12mm
c bdag146: Bead Agate Rectangle Speckle 1 Strand
bdag146 $3.30 100 strands/color Bead: 25x35mm, L: 40cm
Agate Bead bdag145: Bead Agate Oval Striple Brown Green 1 Strand
bdag145 $3.30 100 strands/color 84.5 Bead: 15x40mm, L: 40cm
Agate Bead bdag144: Agate Bead Red 1pc
bdag144 $0.73 300 25 Dia: 25~32mm
Agate Bead bdag143: Bead Faux Agate Black Round 1pc
Made from crushed mother pearl
bdag143 $0.46 1000pcs 15 12mm
Agate Bead bdag142: Beads Agate Natural Fancy Red Faceted Round 1 Strand
Packing: 49pcs/Strand
bdag142 $9.94 5 32.5 Bead: 8mm
Agate Bead bdag141: Beads Agate Natural Green Irregular 1 Strand
Packing: 29pcs/Strand
bdag141 $5.42 5 32.5 Length: 41cm
Bead: 1.4x0.8x0.6cm
Agate Bead bdag140: Beads Agate Natural Red Heart 1 Strand
Packing: 34pcs/Strand
bdag140 $19.87 5 71.5 Length: 41cm
Bead: 1.2x1.4x1cm
Agate Bead bdag139: Beads Agate Natural Silver Leaf 1 Strand
Packing: 25pcs/Strand
bdag139 $8.13 5 88 Bead: 1.7x1.2cm
Agate Bead bdag138: Beads Agate Natural Banded Round Orange 1 Strand
Packing: 20pcs/Strand
bdag138 $10.84 $2.96 300strands 110.3 Length: 41cm
Bead: 2x1.4cm
Agate Bead bdag137: Beads Agate Natural Banded Round Orange 1 Strand
Packing: 33pcs/Strand
bdag137 $18.96 5 78.5 Length: 40cm
Bead: 1.2cm
Agate Bead bdag136: Beads Agate Natural Banded Round Orange 1 Strand
Packing: 20pcs/Strand
bdag136 $50.56 5 109 Length: 41cm
Bead: 2x0.8cm
Agate Bead bdag135: Beads Agate Natural Banded Heart 1 Strand
Packing: 23pcs/Strand
bdag135 $52.37 5 75 Bead: 2x1.8cm
Agate Bead bdag134: Beads Agate Natural Orange Rectangle 1 Strand
Packing: 13pcs/Strand
bdag134 $27.09 5 83.5 Length: 39cm
Bead: 3x2cm
Agate Bead bdag133: Beads Agate Natural Orange Faceted 1 Strand
Packing: 13pcs/Strand
bdag133 $21.67 5 75 Bead: 3x2.4cm
Agate Bead bdag132: Beads Agate Leaf Assorted Colors 1 Strand
bdag132 $4.87 10 Dozen 30g Bead: 18x14mm
Agate Bead bdag129: Agate Bead 1pc
bdag129 $0.84 300 20.7 1 1/4"x1/2"x1 1/4"
Agate Bead ojag019-b: Agate Bead Pendant Bead 1pc
Hand-crafted bead from natural agate stone. Designs are applied through a difficult heat process.
ojag019-b $7.23 100 2 P:2 3/4"x3/4"x 3/4"// B: 1/2"x1/2"x3/4"
Agate Bead ojag020-b: Bead Agate Skull 1pc
Hand-crafted bead from natural agate stone. each.
ojag020-b $4.52 100 8 1/2"x5/8"x 13/16" ~ 5/8"x11/16"x1 1/8"
Agate Bead bdag002: Bead Agate 1pc
Hand-crafted bead from natural agate stone.
bdag002 $0.09 100 2.55 11/16"x 1/2"x 1/2"
Bead Agate bdag005: Bead Agate Pig 1pc
Hand-crafted bead from natural agate stone.
bdag005 $0.37 100 3.8 7/8"x 3/8"x 9/16"
Bead Agate bdag006: Bead Agate Oxen 1pc
bdag006 $0.37 100 6.6 1 1/8"x 1/2"x 9/16"
Bead Agate bdag007: Bead Agate Boar 1pc
bdag007 $0.37 100 4.2 13/16"x 3/8"x 9/16"
Bead Agate bdag008: Bead Agate Ram 1pc
bdag008 $0.37 100 3.6 3/4"x 3/8"x 5/8"
Bead Agate bdag009: Bead Agate Turtle 1pc
bdag009 $0.37 100 4.2 7/8"x 9/16"x 7/16"
Bead Agate bdag010: Bead Agate Rabbit 1pc
bdag010 $0.37 100 6.4 1"x 3/8"x 11/16"
Bead Agate bdag011: Bead Agate Snake 1pc
bdag011 $0.37 100 2.6 1 1/8"x 9/16"x 3/8"
Bead Agate bdag012: Bead Agate Horse 1pc
bdag012 $0.37 100 4.8 15/16"x 3/8"x 3/4"
Bead Agate bdag013: Bead Agate Squirrel 1pc
bdag013 $0.37 100 3.6 1 1/16"x 3/8"x 1/2"
Bead Agate bdag014: Bead Agate Tiger 1pc
bdag014 $0.37 100 5.8 1"x 7/16"x 3/4"
Bead Agate bdag015: Bead Agate Sea Horse 1pc
bdag015 $2.89 100 5 1 5/8"x 3/16"x 11/16"
Bead Agate bdag016: Bead Agate Fish 1pc
bdag016 $0.29 100 3.2 13/16"x 5/8"x 1/4"~ 1 1/8"x 7/8"x 1/8"
Bead Agate bdag017: Bead Agate Dragon 1pc
bdag017 $0.37 100 4 1 3/16"x 1/4"x 3/4"
Bead Agate bdag018: Bead Agate Frog 1pc
bdag018 $0.37 100 6.4 15/16"x 5/8"x 7/16"
Bead Agate bdag019: Bead Agate Owl 1pc
bdag019 $0.37 100 2.8 15/16"x 1/4"x 11/16"
Bead Agate bdag020: Bead Agate Skull 1pc
bdag020 $0.37 100 4.2 1/2"x 1/2"x 9/16"
Bead Agate bdag021: Bead Agate Elephant 1pc
bdag021 $0.37 100 8.8 1 1/8"x 7/16"x 7/8"
Bead Agate bdag022: Bead Agate Dog 1pc
bdag022 $0.37 100 6.4 3/4"x 5/16"x 1 1/8"
Bead Agate bdag023: Bead Agate Cat 1pc
bdag023 $0.37 100 3.8 1"x 3/8"x 1/2"
Bead Agate bdag024: Bead Agate Monkey 1pc
bdag024 $0.37 100 4.2 5/8"x 3/8"x 1"
Bead Agate bdag025: Bead Agate Camel 1pc
bdag025 $0.37 100 4.8 1 1/16"x 5/16"x 3/4"
Bead Agate bdag026: Bead Agate Swan 1pc
bdag026 $0.37 100 5 1"x 1/4"x 7/8"
Bead Agate bdag027: Bead Agate Cicada 1pc
bdag027 $2.71 100 3 1"x 7/16"x 5/16"
Bead Agate bdag028: Bead Agate Hippo 1pc
bdag028 $0.37 100 6.4 1 13/16"x 7/16"x 9/16"
Bead Agate bdag029: Bead Agate Rooster 1pc
bdag029 $0.37 100 6.4 13/16"x 5/16"x 1 1/8"
Bead Agate bdag030: Bead Agate Bat 1pc
bdag030 $0.37 100 3.8 1 1/16"x 3/16"x 1/2"
Bead Agate bdag031: Bead Agate Rhino 1pc
bdag031 $0.37 100 6 1"x 1/2"x 5/8"
Agate Bead bdag032: Bead Agate 1pc
Designs are applied through a difficult heat process.
bdag032 $0.55 100 10 1 1/2"x1/2"x1/2"
Agate Bead bdag033: Bead Agate 1pc
bdag033 $0.15 100 4 16x13mm
Agate Bead bdag034: Bead Agate 1pc
bdag034 $0.15 100 4 1/4"x3/8"x3/8"
Agate Bead bdag035: Bead Agate
bdag035 $1.27 100 30 2 1/2"x1/2"x1/2"
Agate Bead bdag036: Bead Agate
bdag036 $1.09 100 20 2"x1/2"x1/2"
Agate Bead bdag037: Bead Agate 1pc
bdag037 $0.37 100 11.4 1"x3/4"x3/4"

China Factory Minimum Quantity of these agate bead items can be negotiated with factories. Dollar Amount is often more important to smaller factories than the quantity of each piece. Minimum quantity often can be divided among several agate bead or stock numbers. Please inquire with us about your specific needs for smaller quantities than those listed. Smaller quantity can result in a bit higher price. Ask us for a quote.

Custom Orders are possible with any of our agate bead products. Send us a .jpg example of what you want. If we don't have it, we can get it.

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