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Misc Carving
Amber Buddha Figurines
God Carving
Brass Buddha Figurines
Ceramic Gods Religion Carving Figurine
Ceramic Buddha Figurines
Cinnabar Carving
Cinnabar Buddha Figurines
God Carving
Coral Buddha Figurines
Metal Carving
Metal Buddha Figurines
God Carving
Natural Nut Buddha Figurines
Buddha Carving
Resin Buddha Figurines
God Carving
Silver Buddha Figurines
Figurine Labradorite God
Stone Buddha Figurines
Misc Carving
Wood Buddha Figurines

Angels Figurines
Ceramic Carving
Baby Figurines
Cartoon Comics Figurines
Cartoon Character Figurines
Children Figurine
Children Figurines
Figurine Humanoid Fairy
Fairy Figurines
Figurine Humanoid Female
Female Figurines
Figurine Humanoid Indian
Indian Figurines
Misc Carving
Male Figurines
 Figurine Humanoid Marriage
Marriage Figurines
Figurine Humanoid Romance
Romance Figurines
Figurine Humanoid Sailor
Sailor Figurines
Skull Carving
Skull Figurines
Figurine Bone Insect
Beetle Figurines
Insect Figurine Bone
Cicada Figurines
Faux Cricket Figurines
Cricket Figurines
Figurine Bone Insect
Dragonfly Figurines
Spider Figurines
Spider Figurines
Mythical Figurine Brass
Kirin Figurines
Boxwood Carving
Phoenix Figurines
Chinese Stone Toad
Toad Figurines
Dragon Carving
Cloisonne Dragon Figurines
Dragon Carving
Stone Dragon Figurines
Dragon Carving
Wood Dragon Figurines
Dragon Carving
Coral Dragon Figurines
Dragon Figurine Brass
Metal Dragon Figurines
Motherpearl Carving
Mother of Pearl Dragon Figurines
Dragon Carving
Silver Dragon Figurines
Figurine Sports Basketball
Basketball Figurines
Sports Martial Art
Martial Art Figurines
Figurine Sports Soccer
Soccer Figurines
Sports  Weight Lifting
Weight Lifting Figurines
Figurine Fur Zoo Bear
Bear Figurines
Zoo Figurine
Boar Figurines
Figurine Bone Zoo
Camel Figurines
Figurine Fur Zoo Deer
Deer Figurines
Zoo Figurine Bone
Elephant Figurines
Figurine Fur Zoo Giraffe
Giraffe Figurines
Gorilla Figurines
Gorilla Figurines
Hippo Figurines
Hippo Figurines
Figurine Fur Zoo Kangaroo
Kangaroo Figurines
Figurine Fur Koala
Koala Figurines
Zoo Figurine Bone
Lion Figurines
Monkey Carving
Monkey Figurines
Zoo Carving
Panda Figurines
Zoo Figurine
Rhino Figurines
Figurine Cinnabar
Sheep Ram Figurines
Motherpearl Carving
Tiger Figurines
Figurine Resin Wolf
Wolf Figurines

China Factory Minimum Quantity of these figurine items can be negotiated with factories. Dollar Amount is often more important to smaller factories than the quantity of each piece. Minimum quantity often can be divided among several figurine or stock numbers. Please inquire with us about your specific needs for smaller quantities than those listed. Smaller quantity can result in a bit higher price. Ask us for a quote.

Custom Orders are possible with any of our figurine products. Send us a .jpg example of what you want. If we don't have it, we can get it.

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