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Chinese Holidays:
The savvy importer is able to foresee product sales and choose the best mode of transport get the goods on time. When importing from China, holidays seasons can have a very negative impact on planning when they are not considered.

Year of the Snake, Feb 10:
The next celebration of the New Year Spring Festival will be on February 10, 2013.

Workers across China return to their home provinces over a forty day period. It is the largest migration of humanity on the face of the planet. Commerce stops. Government stops. The Post Office is closed. It is a wonder that the moon and tides don't stop.

New Year Affects You:
Most of our employees will be gone from Feb 4 through Feb 25. We will have a skeletal staff to answer email from the rest of the world that is still engaged in commerce. However, the usual lightning service from Cyber Import and our factories slow to a crawl. Please try to bear with us until the holiday period is over.

Note that not all factories are shut down for such a long period, but overall, it is the time of year for the biggest shipment deadline headaches. Late-January through last week of February should be on your calendars to plan around. We are frustrated ourselves when trying to get results during this time, but the best we can do is to forewarn. Five Thousand years of Chinese history is hard to change.

Founding Day, Oct 1 - 4:
Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China, 1 October (1949). Four day holiday with factories and offices closed Oct 1 through Oct 4, 2011.

Our Caution:
"Factor Chinese holidays into your shipment schedules."

Plan Around Chinese Holidays

Labor Day, May 1-3:
Cyber Import offices and most factories will be closed for Labor Day, May 1-3, 2012.

Christmas, Dec 25:
Cyber Import offices, along with most factories in China, are all open on Christmas day. Production is still ongoing and little delay impact can be expected. While you are opening presents, we are preparing your next order.

Solar New Year, Jan 1:
It is also celebrated in China, but only alloted a single day for festivity. Most factories during this season are working over-time in preparation for the long Chinese New Year holiday.


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