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Ideas Produced:
Lots of people have good ideas. You don't have to be a genius. No matter if you have something you make, or need to have made for your business, promotion, school, or tourist attraction, we we can do it. We specialize in getting reasonable quantity orders manufactured for just about anything.

Our Chinese factories can put nearly any idea into tangible form. Depending upon what it is, necessary molds, and the type factory or artisan that it comes from, will determine the minimum quantity necessary. We refer to this minimum as the MOQ. Some people want to invest as little as possible until they know it will fly. Others only need a limited quantity for a certain event. We try to get an idea launched. Bigger players with larger budgets usually enjoy the highest percentage of success.

Our Challenge:
"If you can think it, we can make it."

If You Can Think It, We Can Make It

People give us product ideas in all kinds of formats. If you send us a prototype we can guarantee its return. Ideal is the sample to just copy exactly. Sometimes we just get sketches, or a related item, and then must rely upon our own craftsmen. After we know "what" and "how many" we can give you price quotes, minimum quantity, and production time. The following are just a few of the many idea formats that we have turned into reality:

Rubber Key Chain Characters Finger Puppets

Bendable Rubber Figure KeyChains Became Finger Puppets from Our Sewers

Precision Drawing Idea Relief Carved Mouse Door Know

Precision Drawing with Dimensions Became a Wooden Door Knob

Turquoise Rock Turquoise Pendants

Rock from USA Collection Became Pendants from our Carvers

Rough Sketch Whale Custom Whale Bone Thimbles

Rough Sketch on Paper Became a Whale Bone Thimble

Jaguar Car Painting Reverse Paint Snuff Bottle

Water Color Painting of Favorite Car Became a Reverse Paint Snuff Bottle



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